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Binks Stones in Victoria Australia (Mini dinnies)

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  • Binks Stones in Victoria Australia (Mini dinnies)

    Competed in a Highland Games last weekend. My humble keg toss and stone efforts are here.

    More interesting is the last event called the 'binks stones'. Which is to lift two 'dinnie style stones' and walk as far as poss. I only got 2' 10" so there is unlikely to be any footage of me

    But there is footage of Craig Reed who won the event and overall on the day.
    The big stone is 155kg and the little one 105kg. The handles are good. No knurling, and triangular rather than a loop.

    The record is held by Luke Reynolds from New South Wales and is roughly 40'

    If you can make any distance at all you get to sign 'the book'. Over time it should become a real attraction.
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    Mini Dinnie ?

    Good Day out.. This is one of my Favorite events of the year to put on ...back to the basics , best line of the year comming from a novice first time Athlete "This is the best thing i have done in my life " thats my motivation to keep it comming.

    Bill L

    Held at the Amulet Vineyard in Beechworth, Australia the Southern Highlander brought together some of the greatest strongmen from across Victoria and surroun...


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      Hello Bill,
      Great video clips and looks like great fun to carry those stones. We have a set here at the New Hampshire Highland Games that we call the Loon Stones. Look up YouTube as there are several clips of men carrying those here at our Games. The Loon Stones weigh 125 kg and 105 kg and they are jagged will small ring hooks, so the pain factor is real. The record with our stones is 133 feet set by Sam McMahon with Stefan Solvi Petersson a close second at 131 feet.
      As for the Loon Stones, your fellow Australian Aaron Neighbor carried the Loon Stones for respectable distances in the past as well.



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        The Binks Stones, Loon Stones and the many others that are used in competition will form the basis of legend in many years to come. Just take care of them and don't lose them.



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          I had another crack at these this year. Saw them weighed in advance for the crowd as 102kg (224lb) and 151kg (332lb) (cant remember the decimal point).

          I managed 3m which was a personal best. Then (inspired by Peter Martin talking of the dinnies being lapped) I tried to lap them. The small one was fine but the big one never threatened to leave the ground. Too heavy, too smooth. I would have to dedicate some serious time try and get the big one off the ground.

          Carried them 3m (102kg and 151kg)Stood up with the 102 but got nowhere with the 151kg