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Test your knowledge - The Stones

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  • Test your knowledge - The Stones

    Challenge.pdf Attached are photographs of 7 known stones. - I will offer and dispatch a bottle of Alba's best malt to he who can tell me what is the odd one out and clue.........."Clachneart". I do think the bottle is safe but I would be pleasantly surprised if someone can crack the test.........Go on have a go.

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    Okay, the answer to the conundrum is stone number 4. All the other stones are either named Clach neart or are referred to as Clach neart. Stone number 4 is the Clach Dhomhnall Mhic Lachlan or stone of Donald son of the Viking. It is thrown for distance with the record set at 12ft in the 1930's. It is what some American Highland Games website refers to as a "Stupid Stone" although I am at an absolute loss to see what is stupid about it. By being a stone that is propelled of forced, then it should be referred to as Clach Neart however it isn't. With over 90 known stones in Scotland.......there is not a trace of any stone on the Islands being called Clach Neart whereas on the mainland, there is no stone known as Clach Ultach which is by far the most common reference to lifting stones on the islands..............Peter