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Blue Stones of Old Dailly

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  • Blue Stones of Old Dailly

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    Thanks for the update peter

    maybe just go up and touch a blue stone and they will be unlocked (:a)of course you may need to touch them with a set of bolt cutters) ...... lol

    good news that they may be freed in the next few months


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      Thanks for the update Peter. You must have the patience of a saint and the tenacity of ...well ...something very tenacious.

      It would be great if they were released in such a short period of time.

      Despite all this I am confident of the release of these stones within the next few months.


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        Peter, Again thank you for your persistence in freeing these stones. Count me in front of the line of those who want to some day lift these giants.



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          When I started looking at these stones we all knew that they had a previous purpose other than that of lifting. I can't stress how much, that the history of these stones as lifting stones is overwhelming and any arguement to the contrary will not hold water against this fact.

          I only look forward to the day that lifters can follow on from Steve Jeck as is their right because the stones should have not been shackled in the first place. I am positive that prior to March 2001, there was some serious underhand work by ............ to have the history of the stones shown in another way to prevent people like yourself, Paul and James from visiting and having a crack at them.

          I get annoyed when histrory is contorted to present an image contrary to fact, and I am extremely annoyed at present but I am also happy that all I have to do is present the truth, and we should win out on the day.

          More soon when I hear from South Ayrshire Council and Historic Scotland.



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            Thanks for the update and all your hard work Peter. As I mentioned before, I am planning on retuning to Scotland in 2014. I will plan to pay these stones a visit for some lifting on that trip.


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              We have ally...


              I have just this morning received the information that I have requested from Historic Scotland under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act. It is rather lengthy but three facts clearly stand out.
              1. The idea to have the stones shackled was driven by Mr.........FSA Scot - he provided ONE source of history to South Ayrshire Council ( We have SIX).

              2. South Ayrshire Council applied to Historic Scotland to have the stones SET IN CONCRETE - Historic Scotland told them, quite an abrutb NO.


              3. After reviewing the evidence that I have submitted the following from Historic Scotland's covering letter reads thus -

              " We note all you write. The Church and Churchyard are owned by South Ayrshire Council and, as such, it is for the Council to decide whether they wish to unstrap the stones. Removal of the straps would require scheduled monument consent in advance because Old Dailly Church is legally protected as a monument of national importance. SMC is administered through Historic Scotland and it is likely that we would LOOK FAVOURABLY on such an application if submitted."

              I think it is clear that Historic Scotland favour the stance that the stones are historically traditional lifting stones and there is little evidence that they are Charter Stones, Sanctuary Stones (they may have been) and certainly do not have healing powers.

              I am waiting on the response from South Ayrshire Council and then will be making my approach to the Council to have the stones released. So far so good and I still feel confident that they will be released..soon.

              It was curious to see various correspondence sent to Historic Scotland by stone lifters wanting the stones freed. The names are blanked for legal reasons but they all follow a similar patern emphasising a right to be able to lift these stones.

              I have or never will hint at such a romantic notion....these stones will be released on the basis of cold historic fact and I am sure we will win......Historic Scotland are on side...they could have remained uncommitted but looking favourably on their release is to my mind at least a statement that the historic references and background submitted justifies these stones as Lifting Stones.

              I will update as soon as I hear from South Ayrshire Council


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                good they are on side


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                  At Old Dailly there is an information board that states that "The Blue Stones" were secured to prevent theft on the advice of Historic Scotland. The wording was by Mr...............FSA Scot. Historic Scotland have given no such advice and infact refused the Council's first application to set the stones in cement. Historic Scotland asked for the reasons for wanting to strap the stones asking for historic references. The Council replied with Sir Walter Scott's Lord of the Isles text (which was hearsay in any case) and asked Historic Scotland to telephone Mr..........FSA Scot. This was the guy that made the quote about "A highlander and a Yank" bringing attention to the stones. Check MILO Jun 2000/Vol 8, No1 and it is clear (now) at that time that Mr..........FSA Scot was pushing to have the stones placed in concrete.

                  The problem is that there is no stone in Scotland that can be offerred any form of legal protection. I know that the old man had made a couple of references to stones being protected but if you push or hint for it, there is a good chance that the stone will be shackled, as what happened here. Even the Dinnie Stones can't be protected legally and any suggestion to do so could also have consequences.

                  I am hopeful that I will receive the reply from my request to South Ayrshire Council within the next week and this should be interesting. The next step will be a presentation to my local councilor of a substantial portfolio regarding the Blue Stones and why they should be released and we push on from there.

                  We are dealing with a local authority council and there is usually a great deal of cronieism (best pals) between certain people. That is probably the reason for the Stones being strapped in the first instance - because a pal wanted it. (Mr........FSA Scot). From my Information request I know who handled the application to shackle the stones from the Councils side and by the power of the internet I know this gents address and even the Church that he attends...this is important as my Councillor attends the same Church and I have to insure that cronieism does not rear its head again.

                  We have only one chance to do this and it has to be thorough.


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                    Great job Peter. Keep up the heat and I am confident you can get the job done. These great stones are best protected in Scotland in private hands, such as the Dinnies and Inver. Could someone become a protector of the Blue Stanes to allow their being lifted? Just a thought.

                    As for the Husafell Stone and the Dritvik Stones in Iceland they now have governmental placards that explain their historical significance and also laws that prohibit them from being moved from their location. They can however being lifted by those who travel there to lift the stones. Granted, they do not receive the traffic that the stones in Scotland have but they seem to have worked things out.



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                      The Blue Stones are owned by South Ayrshire Council. The only stones that I know of which are not on private land is (by way of an unusual repatriation process) the Stone of Dalness and Deirdre's Teardrop which rest on land governed by the National Trust for Scotland, which is as near public that you are going to get in Scotland.

                      Good idea about the Icelandic Stones - it could strengthen our case if I could demonstrate a more liberal and perhaps common sense attitude to lifting stones. If I could get a photo of the Information boards at these sites (with a translation), it could be very useful.



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                        Hello Peter,
                        I have pictures of both placards and I will bet that Roger Davis has some as well. There is no translation needed as one side is in Icelandic and the other side of the placards are in English.

                        Thanks again, Bill


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                          Declaring War

                          Just one of those days. After getting the good news about the Puterach I received an email from South Ayrshire Council as a response to my Freedom of Information Request. The reply was in the form of a very brief letter which made reference to two attachments which were not there and which unknown to them I have already obtained from Historic Scotland. It took me over two hours to read over the reply from Historic Scotland and about 2 mins to read the South Ayrshire Council Reply.

                          It would be considered as a simple task to ascertain who and why decided to strap the Blue Stones of Old Dailly but South Ayrshire Council are either unwilling to supply this information or are incompetent (probably both).

                          I did suspect that there may well have been some aspects of this request hidden and not released but I have correspondence from Historic Scotland which was sent to them by South Ayrshire Council which for some reason the Council cannot release.

                          What I suspect is what I have previously alluded to. There has been a great deal of cronieism involved which if released would be highly embarassing for the Council.

                          Regardless, the final phase of the campaign will be instigated shortly. As I write this the dog has disappeared as she knows I am raging with anger at this response.

                          We will still win - I have no doubt about that.



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                            keep going peter, your doing agreat job the right way.............i probably would have just taken a hacksaw to them


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                              Blue Stones of Old Dailly - Another update


                              To try and keep everyone up to speed with the campaign to free the Blue Stones I have today emailed Councillor Fitzsimmons from South Ayrshire Council enclosing a comprehensive report on the history of the Blue Stones and why they should be freed.

                              Councillor Fitzsimmons also sits on a local tourist association board and is clearly the person to direct this request to and I hope he will be supportive. If he is, and I see no reason for him not being so, he merely requests from South Ayrshire Council Strategic Services that an application for scheduling consent to unshackle the stones be made to Historic Scotland. Historic Scotland have already indicated their willingness to respond favourably to such a request.

                              I hope this is the final stage and again thanks to all of you for the support.

                              I would normally upload the report (98 pages) that I have sent but it is far too large. If anyone wishes a copy feel free to email me.



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                                Good Work Peter. I have sent you an email.


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                                  Getting Closer to the release of the Blue Stones


                                  I have today spoken to Councillor Ian Fitzsimmons from South Ayrshire Council who represents the area of Dailly. He is supportive of our campaign to release the stones and acknowledges that the history which was presented to the Council by those that caused the stones to be strapped, was rather tainted. I would call it bogus. The history of the stones as traditional lifting stones is overwhelming.

                                  The Councillor will be speaking to South Ayrshire Council Legal Services next week regarding "Health and Safety". I have reminded the councillor that in Scotland at least, stone lifting is a partiicipation that relies very much on self assessment. If you injure yourself, its your own fault although I so have reservations as South Ayrshire has a reputation of being an institution that thrives on Political Correctness.

                                  If legal services agree, and I see no reason for them not too, then the release of the stones should follow after a quick schedule application to Historic Scotland.

                                  Well here's hoping anyway.
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                                    that's great news Peter, your hard work is paying off - I will get to see these stones one day and now, hopefully, I will be able to have a go at them
                                    don't argue with idiots, they take you down to their level and then beat you with experience


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                                      good news then peter


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                                        Wow! Count me in to be there as soon as they are released from bondage. That is fantastic news Peter and keep up the great work. I know your father would be very proud of your efforts.