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Blue Stones of Old Dailly

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    It is good news but I do have reservations. My intial confidence was based solely in the knowledge that the history as lifting stones was overwhelming and that the history that caused them to be shackled in the first place was contrived. South Ayrshire Council will now be well aware that they were well duped back in 2001. The question is, how do they rectify this?

    Do they do the right thing and release the stones ? (as they should) or

    Do they hide the error by hiding in some contrived notion that prevents their release and retains the status quo ? i.e Health and Safety.

    My fear that they may accept the latter is due to the fact that there is an obvious criminality which has been committed by the Council in relation to the site at Old Dailly in respect that signage has been placed by them without consent. The small brass plaque attached to the wall above the stones and other items require exactly the same scheduling consent process that was carried out to shackle the stones in steel in the first instance and this was not submitted to Historic Scotland. I am sure that the Council Solicitors will pick up on this, as I did, and if so they may contrive a situation for the status quo to exist and then hope that I will go away.

    The phrase "Couldnae agree on the colour of ****e" springs to mind but then again, perhaps my faith in mankind will be strengthened.


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      Another Update

      Stretching patience to the limit I telephoned South Ayrshire Council today to ascertain what is the current position regarding our campaign. The head of Legal Services, a Valerie Andrews is dealing with the application to free the stones sent by myself to Councilor Fitzsimmons. Ms Andrews is on holiday and the sizable file on the Blue Stones is sitting on top of her desk with a note to phone me when she returns.

      As I have previouly stated, the inordinate length of time it is taking for the Council to review this, would make me believe that we would be further forward by now and I am becoming more and more cynical as time passes. The upshot is, that they have been unable to reject the application instantly as there are probably no grounds to do so but we are dealing with administrators who are unable to think out of the box and are on most occasions unable to make a decision due to a fear of the consequences. Ten years ago the stones were strapped on the blinking of an eye but we will soldier on regardless and we do have the support of the local councillor.

      I will update the thread as soon as I receive any more information.



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        The end is near

        Today I received a telephone call from South Ayrshire Council. After various meetings concerning Health and Safety as well as other issues they have AGREED to unstrap the Blue Stones of Old Dailly and make them available for lifting after a ten year absence.

        I have been invited to attend meetings (hopefully not too many) with the Council to discuss various aspects of controll and marketing. Having recently cited the quick development and implementation of the authority who controll the Criccieth Stone in Wales, it would appear that South Ayrshire Council would also like to a employ a similar approach. This in essence would incorporate a set of rules and a contact number for permission to lift the stones. I see this as a great deal better than the present situation.

        Saying this, it will still take a few months to firstly agree on the format to allow lifting of the stones followed by a reschedulling application to Historic Scotland and only then will I say that our campaign has been a success.

        At the present time I wish to express my thanks to Randall and everyone who has given me support by way of emails etc. to pursue this campaign. It has not been easy and has taken up a great deal of my time but I do look forward to the day that others can follow in the footsteps of my late father, Steve Jeck, David Horne, Nick McKinless, Colin Moshman and any other (and there can't be many) who have had the opportunity to lift these ancient stones.

        In as such as this notion can be easily open to criticism, this could not have been achieved without the concept of the Brotherhood of the Stone.

        Cho laider ri Cuchullin



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          you are a legend!!!


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            That is great to hear Peter. Thanks for all your work.