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    Originally posted by Scotty Blyly View Post
    It isn't too hard to guess the finalists. Groups 1 & 4 would seem to have the only question marks. A lot of big names missing, surely not all from injury?
    Z. Savickas, V. Lalas, M. Lalas, J. Pritchett & K. Radzikowski are all injured.

    D. Savatinov was already booked to do an Arnold's Competition in the Far East.

    Not sure about M. Wildauer, D. Zageris, W. Brant & any others that aren't on the competitor's list or that I haven't mentioned.


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      Predictions (Assuming there is nothing daft like 12 finalists or double points on the Atlas Stones):-

      Group 1:-
      Johannes Arsjo & Mark Felix.
      Arsjo has had rotten luck with injuries when it comes round to WSM, 2nd in Europe's Strongest Man suggests that he's back in top form which is good to see.
      Mark Felix has somehow managed to avoid being caught up by his age and still manages to compete at the highest level. I think Robert Oberst hasn't kicked on enough to make the WSM Final, I think Matjaz Belsak will be a danger though.

      Group 2:-
      Eddie Hall & Gregorz Szymanski.
      Eddie Hall is probably the UK's best hope this year and he could well make the top 3 overall, whether he can get his body through the competition is another thing, he does tend to pick up injuries.
      Going with Szymanski over Best, it'll be close, but I think Szymanski is underrated while Best tends to have one real bad event that costs him.

      Group 3:-
      Thor Bjornsson & Terry Hollands.
      Thor Bjornsson is filming a movie at the minute so how 'match fit' he is heading into the competition remains unknown, if he's fit and firing then he could win at least 5 out of those 6 events.
      Terry Hollands is back for another go at the WSM title, probably past his peak but his record at WSM is incredible and he seems to like this competition more than the one or two day competitions.
      I don't see any real threat to them in the group, DeVaughan to get third.

      Group 4:-
      Jean-Francois Caron & Laurence Shahlaei
      J-F Caron is another guy who can make a push for top 3 overall, he's consistent enough & is a good all-round competitor.
      Laurence Shahlaei, Big Loz will be feeling confident after winning Europe's Strongest Man, a fantastic comeback for a guy who was more or less down and out when he got injured again at WSM 2015.
      Misha Shivlykov won't be far behind these two either, probably the toughest group out of the 5.

      Group 5:-
      Brian Shaw & Mateusz Kieliszkowski
      Brian Shaw knows what it takes to win WSM, I think he'll probably coast through the group saving himself for the Final, favourite, and rightly so for the title. Hamstring shouldn't be a worry considering he was lifting Atlas Stones the day after the injury.
      Mateusz Kieliszkowski, Who knows, he could take to WSM like Pudzianowski, Wenta etc. or he could bomb out at the group stage like Radzikowski has done. I'll go for the former and reckon this guy will take big pts of guys in the final.


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        The line-up does look a little weak this year in terms of depth. Can’t see too many of the groups being exciting, most of them look fairly obvious who will advance barring an injury. So many of the guys that are usually in the hunt for a place in the final are absent. I’m thinking Pritchett, Radzikowski, Savatinov, Wildauer, Zageris, Kobylarz, M.Lalas, Ostlund, Petursson etc.
        In addition, what with Savickas and V.Lalas out I can’t see anyone getting close to Shaw. Hall and Thor look his closest challengers but given that Thor is currently filming a movie and Hall trained so hard for the 500k deadlift I doubt they will be optimal shape.

        Obviously there are always injuries and the organisers can’t be blamed directly for that, but scheduling Europe’s and the deadlift championship weeks before WSM doesn’t help. Most of the guys that Neil pointed out are injured picked them up at, or training for, that weekend. Also because the organisers, for whatever reason, seemed to confirm the location and date at such late notice it will clash with the Arnold’s in Hong Kong. Not to mention there are also 3 SCL contests in August. When we see their line-ups it might confirm why guys like Wildauer, Zageris, Kobylarz aren’t there. All are SCL regulars.

        My final observation from the competitor list is that Licis is down as an American. I know he now lives in the States but when he has previously competed he was listed as his native Latvian. I wonder if it is because the organisers didn’t feel there was enough competitors from the States. And if that is the case are guys like Bergmann, Ostlund, Caruso, and Thigpen still active on the strongman scene?


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          Group1 – Arsjo and Belsak
          Arsjo should win this group comfortably and will be a podium contender. I think most people will favour Felix for the second place but I don’t think the events look great for him. He should do well on the Hercules hold and stones but the others are question marks. Belsak is on great from, he’s currently leading the SCL standings and I think he’ll just squeeze into the 2nd place. Probably too soon for Stoltman and Licis, but the Latvian is a real wildcard. As for Oberst he hasn’t been able to really kick on from when he burst onto the scene, but a man of his size and strength can’t be countered out.

          Group 2 – Hall and Szymanski
          Probably the weakest group. Hall should be able to ease through to the final. The second place is really hard to call between Best and Szymanksi. Best hasn’t made the final for a number of years but given his brilliant win at the GL America he may be stronger than ever at 47 years of age. Despite this I think he may be just squeezed out by Szymanski who i agree is one of the more underrated strongman. As for the rest, Bishop is really improving but he might need another year of experience. Don’t know much about Granli or Okolome. Surprised Granli got picked over Solvang, Hansen and Aune who are more experienced at this level. Okolome wasn’t too impressive at Africa’s strongest man, it’s hard to see him selected if the contest wasn’t in Africa.

          Group 3 – Bjornsson and Hollands
          Again I think Thor will win the group comfortably. After Thor however, I think it will be really close. Hollands will be the favourite. He always performs well at WSM and should advance. However, he looks to have past his peak and his results since his comeback haven’t been amazing. This could open the door for Devaghan who looked great at GL America. Hansson should also not be underestimated. At the Giants Live in Sweden he came 4th only missing out on an automatic invite by half a point. He also beat Devaghan. Janashia is also an interesting competitor. He seems to have been on the scene for a while but he is only 25. He nearly qualified for last year’s WSM in Hungary and performed really well at the Amateur Arnolds last year. Woulfe did okay at the Arnold in Australia but nothing to suggest he can qualify.

          Group 4 – Caron and Shahlaei
          Caron has made the final three times and is one of the more underrated strongman. Given all the absentees he could make the top five and even push for a podium. After all his injuries I thought Shahlaei had passed his peak but his win at Europe’s suggests otherwise. Should qualify barring another injury. If an injury does happen Shivlyakov could make the final as he did last year. Benzel is a bit of unknown quantity. He’s young in strongman terms and has performed well at GL America and Arnold amateurs. Might need a bit more experience at this level before making the final. Both Leicht and Gunnarsson have done well at domestic level but can’t see them challenging for the final.

          Group 5 – Shaw and Kieliszkowski
          Perhaps the easiest group to choose the top 2. Shaw will easily make the final and will be an overwhelming favourite for the title. Kieliszkowski looked great ever since winning the Arnold Amateur a few years ago. His performances at the pro comp suggest he is an elite strongman and will make the final of WSM at the first time of asking. It’s hard to see who will challenge these two. Magnussen is a world class deadlifter but will struggle on the more explosive movement type events. Le Roux and van Staden are WSM veterans and improve ever year. However, it is hard to see them getting anywhere near Shaw and Kieliszkowski. Don’t know much about Gough so hard to predict how he will do, but can’t imagine him challenging much more tested athletes at this level.


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            Shivlyakov pulls out. Replaced by Colorado's Stan Carradine. That pretty much settles group 4 already... I have exactly the same picks Ben has, for the same reasons, so no point mentioning them really. Apart from heat 1, I don't really see how any upsets could happen this year.


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              Benni Magnusson is out with an elbow infection.

              His replacement will be either John Lane (USA) or Johan Els (RSA). With all due respect to these two guys, I'm sure someone like Dave Ostlund is probably sitting at home thinking 'who have I pissed off'?


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                Atlas Stones is apparently double points again.

                Day 4 marks the last day of qualifiers and the test of Overhead Strength & Atlas Stone loading for the athletes to decide which 10 men make it into the finals. With Atlas Stones being worth double points most of the 10 spots are still up for grabs. Advertisment ALL RESULTS UNOFFICIAL  Atlas Stones start this …


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                  2016 Finalists:-

                  Martins Licis, USA
                  Matjaz Belsak, Slovenia
                  Eddie Hall, England
                  Gregorz Szymanski, Poland
                  Thor Bjornsson, Iceland
                  Konstantine Janashia, Georgia
                  Laurence Shahlaei, England
                  Jean-Francois Caron, Canada
                  Brian Shaw, USA
                  Mateusz Kieliszkowski, Poland