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    Originally posted by Wayne G Rowley View Post
    Ok thx. Did they say what area ???


    I heard it's Manilla, April 28 - May 6


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      Originally posted by Neil Mitchell View Post

      I heard it's Manilla, April 28 - May 6


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        Peiman Maheripourehir, of Iran, has confirmed receiving an invite for his second appearance at World's Strongest Man.


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          Brian Benzel has an invite.

          Mark Felix likely to go if Laurence Shahlaei isn't recovered in time.


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            Dennis Kohlruss of Germany will be heading to World's Strongest Man 2018. He will be the first German representative since Florian Trimpl in 2009.


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              Rongo Keene (Australia / New Zealand) has earned an invite to WSM 2018.


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                The list of 30 has been released.

                Benzel & Smith as alternates.

                No Pritchett, Pacquet, Savatinov or Woulfe.

                The Lalas Brothers are in.


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                  Roster looks good this year, minus those we already knew would be absent (Hall, Arsjo etc), most of the top guys will be in the Philippines.

                  Great to see some top names returning after a few years out of the comp such as V Lalas, Hicks and Radzikowski. Also some exciting debutants such as Sanou, Derks, Keene, M. Lalas, Kohlruss and Smaukstelis. The latter few have all been performing to a consistently high level in the SCL.

                  That being said a few big names are absent. Hopefully Pritchett and Savatinov were invited because they should be there. Maybe they decided to focus on the Arnold comps. Heinla is definitely in the top 30 strongmen in the world but I wonder if previous incidents are at play here. Also a shame to see no Gunnarsson who seems to be improving every year and was very unlucky not to make the final last year. Finally not sure why Zageris has been overlooked again. Should have been a finalist a few years ago if it wasn’t for that stupid double points rule and has frequently beaten a lot of regular SCL guys who have been invited.


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                    Group 1
                    M. Belsak (SLO)
                    H. Bjornsson (ISL)
                    R. Kearney (USA)
                    M. Lalas (LTU)
                    P. Maheripourehir (IRI)
                    L. Shahlaei (UK)

                    Load and Carry
                    Circle of Strength
                    Arm Over Arm
                    Log Lift
                    Atlas Stones

                    Group 2
                    A. Bishop (UK)
                    A. Derks (USA)
                    J. Els (RSA)
                    J. Hansson (SWE)
                    V. Lalas (LTU)
                    B. Shaw (USA)

                    Load and Carry
                    Kettlebell Toss
                    Arm Over Arm
                    Dumbbell Medley
                    Atlas Stones

                    Group 3
                    G. Hicks (UK)
                    D. Kohlruss (GER)
                    R. Oberst (USA)
                    C. Sanou (BUR)
                    Z. Savickas (LTU)
                    L. Stoltman (UK)

                    Load and Carry
                    Kettlebell Toss
                    Squat Lift
                    Bus Pull
                    Log Lift
                    Atlas Stones

                    Group 4
                    J-F Caron (CAN)
                    M. Felix (UK)
                    M. Forsmark (SWE)
                    R. Keene (AUS)
                    M. Licis (USA)
                    K. Radzikowski (POL)

                    Load and Carry
                    Circle of Strength
                    Arm Over Arm
                    Dumbbell Medley
                    Atlas Stones

                    Group 5
                    N. Best (USA)
                    T. Hollands (UK)
                    K. Janashia (GEO)
                    M. Shivlyakov (RUS)
                    A. Smaukstelis (LAT)
                    M. Kieliszkowski (POL)

                    Load and Carry
                    Kettlebell Toss
                    Bus Pull
                    Dumbbell Medley
                    Atlas Stones

                    No last man standing this year, instead after 5 events 2nd v 3rd in a playoff in the Atlas Stones.


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                      Looking forward to this year’s WSM, unlike previous years the groups are looking really tough to predict and there are some real ‘group of deaths.’ Thought I would include the annual prediction. Apologises about length.

                      Heat 1
                      1. Bjornsson – This is a really tough group but Thor should ease through, he’s the big favourite to win his first WSM title after his recent wins at the Arnold and ESM.
                      2. Kearney - Possibly a surprise pick to advance, but had some really good results last year (including winning the GL America) and I think the events really suit him.
                      3. Shahlaei – If he’s fit and recovered from his recent injuries he should be favourite to qualify behind Bjornsson. However, he hasn’t competed in a while and if he’s not back to his best it will be an uphill challenge.
                      4. Belsak – Like Shahlaei another previous finalist who I could easily see securing the 2nd place. Has dominated the SCL but the standard of the competition isn’t what it is here. His performance at ESM last weekend was nothing to write home about, albeit in a very top field. He also looked great at the Arnold Australia.
                      5. M. Lalas – Looking forward to seeing what he can do in his first WSM. Won a number of SCL comps a few years ago but haven’t seen him compete much recently so not sure of his form.
                      6. Maheripourehir – Shows the strength in depth of this group that I have Peyman in 6th. Came close to qualifying for the final last year and if he’s in similar form can certainly challenge again.

                      Heat 2
                      1. Shaw – Like Thor should qualify with relative ease. Will be Thor’s main challenger like he was at the Arnold.
                      2. V. Lalas – Another hard group to predict who gets 2nd. On paper it should be Lalas but his injury record isn’t great. After his injury at ESM there might be a question mark if he makes it to WSM let alone makes it through the heats unscathed. If he can stay fit however, he should make the final.
                      3. Bishop – In this group he could make the final if Lalas slips up. He looked great at BSM earlier this year. That being said he is coming back from an injury himself.
                      4. Hansson – A really solid up and up and coming strongman. Pushed Arsjo all the way in the Giants Live comp late last year and beat Savickas. If he’s in top form and others struggle he could be a dark horse for the final.
                      5. Els – Really good at the ‘movement’ type events and is improving each year after coming to strongman late. Has the potential to take points off the favourites in certain events.
                      6. Derks – Only putting him here because I don’t know a lot about him. Did great to place third at the GL comp behind Best and Kearney but might be more of a learning experience in his first WSM.

                      Heat 3
                      1. Savickas – Might not be at his best anymore but his result in the GL finals last year suggest that he’s still one of the best in the world. Should make it to the finals and be in the hunt for the podium.
                      2. Hicks – has been in great form this year. Looked so strong at BSM and was in the hunt for another podium at ESM after being sick. Looks like his best opportunity to make the final.
                      3. Sanou – Looked so strong at Log Lift champs and GL finals. Could place behind Savickas. As someone that is new to the sport, inexperience and a lack of technique hampered him in the past. A lot will depend on how much he has learnt in the last year.
                      4. Oberst – Since his comeback he has been looking back to his best. With his experience and if he’s on form there’s no reason why he can’t make a return to the final.
                      5. Stoltman – A hard one to call. His previous performances at WSM, where he was close to making the final, suggest a top two place is in his grasp. That being said his performance at BSM early this year was little underwhelming, albeit in a really strong field.
                      6. Kohlruss – Has been one of the better performers in the SCL so I am glad he has an invite. It’s nice to see a German back since the days of Ide and Werner. Making a final might be too much of a stretch in his first WSM.

                      Heat 4
                      1. Licis – Has been improving every year and should make the final relatively easily. If on form a podium is a real possibility.
                      2. Caron – Probably the easiest group to predict the top 2. Caron is so consistent and another final (and possible top 5) looks on the cards.
                      3. Razikowski – Similar to Lalas the big question mark is injury after ESM. Unlike Lalas I think his group is tougher. This is a shame because his WSM record is a little disappointing, he has only made the final once. Looked dominant in the first SCL of the year but find it hard to pick him above Licis and Caron.
                      4. Felix – His 7th place at BSM this year suggests that age might finally be catching up with him, although Felix has proved me wrong before. Events look slightly better for him than the ones he had last year but will be a struggle for him in this group.
                      5. Forsmark – Another underrated strongman who has been runner up to Arsjo at Sweden’s strongest man 4 years in a row. Like his compatriot, Hansson, could surprise but it will be hard for him to advance in such a strong group.
                      6. Keene – Don’t know too much about Keene but he looked impressive in the Arnold Australia. Like other first-time competitors he will probably use this comp as a learning experience for next year.

                      Heat 5
                      1. Janashia – This looks like the group of death. Janashia should make the final though. His form is looking great after his second place at ESM.
                      2. Kieliszkowski – Also looks in great form after podiuming in ESM, winning the last three events. Will lose points on the deadlift but should be able to make up for it in the other events – particularly the loading and bus pull.
                      3. Shivlyakov – In most other groups I would have him advancing. Especially after his podium at the Arnold. Really hard to pick 2 out of these 3.
                      4. Hollands – Doesn’t appear to have lost too much strength after slimming down. His 3rd at BSM and 6th at ESM demonstrate he is still one of the top strongman. In some of the other groups I could see him advancing but in Heat 5 it will be tough.
                      5. Best – Does not feel right having Best this low, especially because like Janashia and Kielszkowki he made the final last year. I just think it will be too hard for him to repeat that feat in this group.
                      6. Smaukstelis – Has performed well in the SCL and won a comp last year (although his compatriot Zageris won more and is conspicuously absent). Has a lot of potential but will find it tough in this group.


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                        Even harder to predict this year given the playoff on the Atlas Stones between 2nd & 3rd, I get that it's a TV show and for entertainment purposes they need to do something with the 6th and final event in the heats. Personally, I don't like them tinkering with the format but if they are insisting on doing so, I Nos. 2-4 doing the stones for double points is the best way to do it.

                        Group 1:- Not sure what this circle of strength is whether it's static or some sort of Conan's Wheel type implement.
                        Group winner - Thor Bjornsson, this is his year, I've been saying this for maybe the last three years but Bjornsson has worked so hard to get himself ahead of everyone else that the wins at The Arnold Classic & Europe's Strongest Man mean that he is the clear favourite to win WSM 18, and he should win this group.
                        Runner-Up. Really hard to call, don't an Arm-Over-Arm being used as much these days unfortunately, I actually think it's a good event. I'll go for Belsak to get 2nd.
                        Shahlaei has been working his way back from injury, coming back at WSM isn't easy.
                        Lalas & Maheripourehir, I don't see history repeating this year for Peiman in nearly pulling off a shock and getting to the final, for Lalas this is a totally different environment to SCL.
                        Belsak, below standard performance at ESM, maybe he was carrying an injury or the log-lift took it out of him

                        Group 2:-
                        Group Winner - Brian Shaw. I think Shaw has peaked and at the same time is now trying to catch a Thor who's hitting his peak, Shaw is going to be the main challenger to Thor.
                        Runner Up - Lalas. He's had a tough time with injuries, and I know he picked up a calf injury at ESM. In saying that, I think if Lalas is anything near his best he gets second.
                        The rest - They're just too inconsistent, I'll go with Hansson to get third and take on Lalas in the Atlas Stones.

                        Group 3:-
                        Group Winner - Zydrunas Savickas. Strength legend, but I think his dream for another WSM isn't going to happen. Still one of the World's best.
                        Runner Up - Toss up between Hicks, Oberst or Sanou. The overhead events could see points shared between them all, so we're talking about who is the best stone loader of the three. I'll go with Hicks, because he's improved so much, oh and he's British.
                        I know Stoltman is British too, I like the guy, but I think this might be too much for him. Kohlruss, all about the experience of WSM this year for him

                        Group 4:-
                        Group Winner - J-F Caron. Doesn't get enough plaudits for me, in another era he'd possibly have a major title.
                        Runner Up - Martins Licis. I think this guy will be WSM at some stage, he's what 27 or 28 years old, still improving, not much between him and J-F.
                        Toss of a coin for 3rd, Forsmark is a very good strongman who has had Arsjo in his path domestically for some time.
                        Felix, keeps fighting the age barrier, but I think there's just too much depth in WSM now for him to make another final.
                        Radzikowski, a poor WSM record, a bit injury prone, if he can get through the 5 events uninjured, then yes, he should make the final, but you just can't call it with him.
                        Keene, nice to see new faces at WSM, but yeah, this will be an experience for him.

                        Group 5:-
                        Group Winner - Mateusz Kieliszkowski. If he could deadlift I'd have him down as a challenger to Thor. Moving events, he's probably the best in the World at the moment.
                        Runner Up - Konstantine Janashia. My head ruling my heart here, as much as I would love to see Terry Hollands make a WSM final again, Janashia is one of the top strongmen in the World, he doesn't have many weaknesses, that being said if it's Janashia v Hollands in the Atlas Stones. It's too close to call.
                        Shivlyakov, it's a tough group for him, he's a great strongman but he's also capable of throwing points away, and this group is a Group of Death.
                        Best. Hearing this is his last competition before retirement, we'll see, he done brilliantly to get to the WSM 17 Final, I just don't see it happening this year.
                        Smaukstelis - New kid on the block, did very well last year, he'll be all the better for this.


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                          The very in depth analysis from Ben and Neil are greatly appreciated.


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                            I could have went further into depth as I'm sure Ben could too. I enjoy chatting about the sport, my predictions on the other hand aren't always great.