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    Just seen Randall's article on the main page and Odd Haugen stating “a ranking system is needed.”

    I thought I'd give it a go myself, opinions?
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    Interesting stuff. Obviously it's hard to do because some stronger guys don't compete as much. Also, some competitions have stronger lineups than others... Some SCL ones this year weren't close to a WSM final, for example. I don't know how we can fully balance all these elements. Paul Ohl tried as well and I think it's great that we try to quantify strongman. I will probably run a few test rankings also, at some point.


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      The most recent article said that Zydrunas was the best of all time with Mariusz at #2. It also said that Paul ranked the top 50 of all time. Where can I find the full list?


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          Fair dues to Paul for having compiled a list that long.

          My own view is that it's impossible to produce a list that could be as accurate as possible.

          The argument for The Greatest Of All Time is something that will go on for years and years without conclusion.


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            This is very interesting. Thank you to Paul Ohl for publishing his list. It would be even better if there could be a way to fact check his list. Now it is impossible because he did not even mention all sources. And a list of included competitions is missing. When I look points I see that sometimes there is very small diffrence and missing competition can change order of athletes.


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              I just notised that I did not see one of the articles yesterday. There was the list of contests included. I apologize. I shoud have been more careful before writing anything.