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Worlds Strongest Man 2020 ???

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  • Worlds Strongest Man 2020 ???

    "OK", I know its early, anyone know or have any idea where next year's WSM is ??? We just have to go. Where would I like it, hmm, ??? San Francisco, Rio, Warsaw, Dubai, Cape Town, Hong Kong, some many places I have not seen yet.


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    What about qualified athletes so far? Any lists?


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      Originally posted by Mikko Korhonen View Post
      What about qualified athletes so far? Any lists?
      Hi Mikko,

      Hope you are well, long time since I've spoke to you.

      List of Qualifiers so far:-
      M. Licis - Reigning WSM
      T. Bjornsson - Former WSM
      B. Shaw - Former WSM
      M. Kieliszkowski - Giant's Live Wembley
      J. Pritchett - Giant's Live Wembley
      E. Singleton - Giant's Live USA
      K. Faires - Giant's Live USA
      M. Felix - Giant's Live USA
      B. Brunning - Giant's Live Finals
      O. Novikov - Giant's Live Finals
      J-F Caron - Canada's Strongest Man
      M. Forsmark - Sweden Strongest Man
      A. Bishop - Britain's Strongest Man
      T. Stoltman - Britain's Strongest Man
      L. Stoltman - Britain's Strongest Man
      Top 3 from Arnold Classic
      Top 3 from Europe Strongest Man
      Given that it's being held in USA & the political situation, I doubt Peiman Maheriopheir will be there.
      Big Z won't be competing.
      Heinla is unlikely to be there either given previous misdemeanours.
      If Forsmark can't compete at WSM then it's possible his place will go to Andreas Stahlberg who was runner-up in SSM last October.
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        Hi Neil,

        Thank you for your reply. Do you know when WSM 2019 is on British television? They do not show it here in Finland.

        All the best



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          WSM was shown on Channel 5 over the Xmas Holidays here in the UK.

          I'm sure it's online if you are looking to watch it.


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            Thanks. I was able to get the information recently. I have already watched BSM, ESM, North American Open, Wembley, WSM heat 1. If there is anyone who wants to see the shows they are on Youtube. I like the televised strongman shows very much. It is great entertainment.

            Best regards



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              You might find a few National Championship competitions recorded on YouTube as well from the last couple of years which is helpful if you are interested in seeing what Strongmen are up and coming etc.

              The 2019 SCL Series is due to be televised on FreeSports TV in the UK, so keep an eye out for that too.


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                WSM 20 will again be held in Bradenton, Florida.
                May 20-24.


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                  Are you sure ??? What a boring place to hold it again.
                  I was going to go, but dont seem much else to do in the place. WSM has gone downhill in the last few years, not very good locations, and just a handful of everts, I dont look forward it at all like I used to. The other competitions are taking over.


                  Originally posted by Neil Mitchell View Post
                  WSM 20 will again be held in Bradenton, Florida.
                  May 20-24.


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                    The Premiere Sports Campus, Lakewood Ranch to be exact for all events.

                    Yeah, it's very much becoming the made for TV show critics have said about and it sounds like it's going to be the same format at last year given that it's going to take 5 days for the entire competition.

                    Does anyone know what the prize money is at WSM?

                    With ASC & WUS offering big $$$ for the athletes, the Arnold Tour & return of Fortissmuss, WSM needs to sort it's house out quickly otherwise some guys might just bypass it.