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Worlds Strongest Man 2020 ???

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  • Worlds Strongest Man 2020 ???

    "OK", I know its early, anyone know or have any idea where next year's WSM is ??? We just have to go. Where would I like it, hmm, ??? San Francisco, Rio, Warsaw, Dubai, Cape Town, Hong Kong, some many places I have not seen yet.


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    What about qualified athletes so far? Any lists?


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      Originally posted by Mikko Korhonen View Post
      What about qualified athletes so far? Any lists?
      Hi Mikko,

      Hope you are well, long time since I've spoke to you.

      List of Qualifiers so far:-
      1. B. Thompson (USA) - Wildcard
      2. B. Shaw (USA) - Former WSM
      3. J. Pritchett (USA) - Giant's Live Wembley
      4. K. Faires (USA) - Giant's Live USA
      5. E. Singleton (USA) - Giant's Live USA
      6. R. Oberst (USA) - Wildcard
      7. A. Smaukstelis (LAT) - Wildcard
      8. M. Kieliszkowski (POL) - Giant's Live Wembley
      9. M. Felix (UK) - Giant's Live USA
      10. A. Bishop (UK) - Britain's Strongest Man
      11. T. Stoltman (UK) - Britain's Strongest Man
      12. L. Stoltman (UK) - Britain's Strongest Man
      13. T. Hollands (UK) - Wildcard
      14. L. Richardson (UK) - Wildcard
      15. G. Hicks (UK) - Wildcard
      16. J-F Caron (CAN) - Canada's Strongest Man
      17. M. Boudreault (CAN) - Wildcard
      18. M. Forsmark (SWE) - Sweden Strongest Man
      19. G. Pena (MEX) - Wildcard
      20. O. Novikov (UKR) - Giant's Live Finals
      21. K. Janashia (GEO)- Wildcard
      22. M. Shivlykov (RUS) - Wildcard
      23. P. O'Dwyer (IRE) - Wildcard
      24. T. Mitchell III (USA) - Wildcard
      25. E. Toots (EST) - Wildcard
      Notes on who isn't going:-
      Licis - Recovering from injury
      Brunning - Injured
      Maheriopheir - visa issues.
      Big Z - ruled himself out.
      Hansson - ruled himself out, has qualified for 2021.
      Hafthor - Retired.
      Heinla - previous misdemeanor
      Lalas, Biby, Gunnarsson, Williams & Keene - travel restrictions.
      Kearney - torn triceps.
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        Hi Neil,

        Thank you for your reply. Do you know when WSM 2019 is on British television? They do not show it here in Finland.

        All the best



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          WSM was shown on Channel 5 over the Xmas Holidays here in the UK.

          I'm sure it's online if you are looking to watch it.


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            Thanks. I was able to get the information recently. I have already watched BSM, ESM, North American Open, Wembley, WSM heat 1. If there is anyone who wants to see the shows they are on Youtube. I like the televised strongman shows very much. It is great entertainment.

            Best regards



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              You might find a few National Championship competitions recorded on YouTube as well from the last couple of years which is helpful if you are interested in seeing what Strongmen are up and coming etc.

              The 2019 SCL Series is due to be televised on FreeSports TV in the UK, so keep an eye out for that too.


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                WSM 20 will again be held in Bradenton, Florida.
                May 20-24.


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                  Are you sure ??? What a boring place to hold it again.
                  I was going to go, but dont seem much else to do in the place. WSM has gone downhill in the last few years, not very good locations, and just a handful of everts, I dont look forward it at all like I used to. The other competitions are taking over.


                  Originally posted by Neil Mitchell View Post
                  WSM 20 will again be held in Bradenton, Florida.
                  May 20-24.


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                    The Premiere Sports Campus, Lakewood Ranch to be exact for all events.

                    Yeah, it's very much becoming the made for TV show critics have said about and it sounds like it's going to be the same format at last year given that it's going to take 5 days for the entire competition.

                    Does anyone know what the prize money is at WSM?

                    With ASC & WUS offering big $$$ for the athletes, the Arnold Tour & return of Fortissmuss, WSM needs to sort it's house out quickly otherwise some guys might just bypass it.


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                      I'm guessing WSM will be postponed?


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                        Originally posted by Dave Hartnett View Post
                        I'm guessing WSM will be postponed?
                        Postponed if not cancelled.

                        Europe's has been rescheduled for August.


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                          Postponed until November. 11-15 I think In Bradenton Fla again this year


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                            Updated athletes list above.
                            A spokesperson for the 2020 SBD World’s Strongest Man competition revealed there will be no on-site spectators for the November championship event


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                              Ok, so with the pandemic causing travel restrictions throughout the World the final list of athletes keeps changing, the group's will be drawn in the next few days and hopefully we don't have any more changes.


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                                Janashia & Forsmark are both out due to testing positive for Covid.


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                                  Groups finally announced.

                                  Group 1 –
                                  Robert Oberst
                                  Pat O’Dwyer
                                  Gabriel Pena
                                  ​​​​​​Jerry Pritchett
                                  Luke Richardson

                                  Group 2 –
                                  Adam Bishop
                                  Kevin Faires
                                  Mark Felix
                                  Mikhail Shivlykov
                                  ​​​​​​Evan Singleton

                                  Group 3 –
                                  Gavin Bilton
                                  Maxime Boudreault
                                  Trey Mitchell III
                                  Oleksi Novikov
                                  Tom Stoltman

                                  Group 4 –
                                  J-F Caron
                                  Graham Hicks
                                  Eythor Ingolfsson
                                  Ervin Toots
                                  Bobby Thompson

                                  Group 5 –
                                  Nick Best
                                  Terry Hollands
                                  Brian Shaw
                                  Aivars Smaukstelis
                                  Luke Stoltman
                                  Last edited by Neil Mitchell; 11-10-2020, 01:45 PM.


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                                    From what I'm hearing the Truck Pull has been replaced with a Farmer's Walk. There's also a chance the Squat will be dropped for a Deadlift due to an incoming Tropical Storm.

                                    Heats could still be changed but I'll do predictions based on current groupings.

                                    Group 1.
                                    Tricky group.
                                    Perhaps a shock but I think Luke Richardson wins the group with Obie v Pritchett in the LMS Stones.
                                    Luke's coming off a big win at Europe's Strongest Man.
                                    Pritchett & Oberst have the experience that Luke doesn't have on his side.
                                    Pritchett seems to do better at Arnold's Comps than WSM for whatever reason.
                                    O'Dwyer is capable of causing an upset, look out for him.
                                    Don't know much about Pena, but if his videos are anything to go by he may just snap a few pts here and there.

                                    Group 2.
                                    A lot has been said about Singleton and how much potential he has, he's up against it with Bish & Shivlykov.
                                    I think Shivlykov might still be feeling the effects from his WUS Deadlift a couple of weeks ago. I'm going with Singleton to edge out Bish & Shiv, but in reality it could be only a couple of points that separates all 3.
                                    Felix, if it's a farmer's & deadlift, he'll get big pts, his overhead might undo that good work though.
                                    Bish v Shiv on the Stone.

                                    Group 3.
                                    If Boudreault can improve his deadlift he could be a future WSM.
                                    Tom Stoltman is capable of hitting the podium this year, I think he will win WSM one day, not necessarily this year.
                                    Novikov. Exploded into the scene and probably competed too much which came back to haunt him a bit last year. He has a big future in the sport and was unlucky last year. I think he'll win the group.
                                    Novikov to win the group. Boudreault v Stoltman on the Stones.
                                    Trey came through an epic Stones contest v Novikov at last year's WSM. He then had a poor showing at the Giant's Live USA, but that was last year, hopefully we can see him put that performance to bed.

                                    Group 4.
                                    J-F probably won't have a better chance to become WSM. I think he's got some good events in the final and will push Shaw. He should win the group.
                                    2nd is up for grabs between the rest.
                                    Hicks is a static monster, but his Loading & Farmers performance will tell the tale.
                                    Bobby Thompson is another who's improving with every competition. He's more than capable of getting into the playoff.
                                    Toots & Eythor aren't going to be far off either.
                                    J-F to win, with Hicks v Thompson in the Stone.

                                    Group 5.
                                    Brian Shaw, a deserving favourite for WSM. He's changed a few things with his training and diet. He looks to have dropped a few kgs in preparation too.
                                    Luke Stoltman. Great ambassador for the sport, if he can get through this heat he may get a podium spot.
                                    Smaukstelis perhaps doesn't get enough recognition, he's a dark horse and I think he's going to have to be at his best to get into the Stone playoff.
                                    Hollands. There's going to be a lot of points split in this group, if he can get big points in the loading, farmers and the deadlift, events he likes, then it might be enough to get 3rd, his overhead is the worry.
                                    Best. Not sure what shape he's in. He'll grab points, especially on a farmer's walk, but again this is a tough group to imagine him getting out of it.
                                    Shaw to win the group. Luke v Hollands in the Stone.

                                    So my prediction to win their groups:
                                    Luke Richardson
                                    Evan Singleton
                                    Oleksi Novikov
                                    J-F Caron
                                    Brian Shaw

                                    Last Man Standing - Stone Playoff
                                    Oberst v Pritchett
                                    Bishop v Shivlykov
                                    Boudreault v Stoltman
                                    Hicks v Thompson
                                    Stoltman v Hollands
                                    Last edited by Neil Mitchell; 11-10-2020, 01:58 PM.


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