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Should the rules for the C&J be modified?

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  • Should the rules for the C&J be modified?

    Not sure if this question belongs here or in the training section. Anyway, I've been thinking about this lately and, though I'm sure it's been discussed on here before, I couldn't find any recent posts on it so here it is--

    What would the rest of you think about a change in the rules for the Clean and Jerk that would allow for a degree of pressing of the weight instead of a full and immediate lockout? It seems to me that the snatch by itself represents the perfect test of explosive power and technical proficiency. It makes absolute sense that the snatch should demand a lifter hoist the barbell to full lockout over the head with no pressing. But, as a complement to the highly technical snatch, with all the abilities that it tests, why not incorporate an element of traditional brute strength into the C&J? (I know technique is critical in both lifts.) It seems like this would make the sport more well-rounded and a broader test of strength. One lift demands perfect technique and the other would challenge the lifter to muscle up the comparatively heavier weight by any means necessary. After you have snatched you have already lifted a weight explosively overhead to full lockout. Why do it again in the C&J? You've been there and and you've done that. Just get it overhead; who cares how you do it, just do it. What would the pros and cons of this be? On the upside I think we would see an immediate increase in weights being lifted and who wouldn't like to see that?

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    This is quite a long-standing question, as in over many years. I've heard many views from many people and to be honest haven't heard anything that suggests to me that there should be a change in the rules - I like the idea that Olympic Lifting demands precision and strict execution - but on the other hand if the rule was changed I wouldn't pack up and never watch it again either.


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      Originally posted by Geremy Freeman View Post
      On the upside I think we would see an immediate increase in weights being lifted and who wouldn't like to see that?
      I think that in beginner and intermediate contests, yeah there would be an increase especially amongst the group who started weightlifting with a previous background in powerlifting or bodybuilding. I am not sure that at the world championship level that the weights lifted would be any better. Without the pressout rule, what else would all the officials and jury have to look at? :P

      I am in favour of allowing pressouts.


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        Agreed, Shaun. The press-out rule, like many of the rules, is unnecessary and will barely affect results, will simply stop turning down the occasional good lift for style points.