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  • Interesting story about Joe Kinney

    "OK, I just joined this forum because I read a few posts and simply needed to respond. I know Joe Kinney. I met him back 25 years ago when I lived in Morristown Tennessee. He lived about 10 miles away in Bean Station. Joe and I got to be pretty good friends. We went target shooting together and on a couple of occasion we went ground hog hunting. He is NOT a "freak of nature" or a "genetic freak" as some of you state. He is a quite normal 5'10" 171 pound guy. At the time he closed the #4 gripper he was over 40 years old. Joe was the guy who told me about the "Captains of Crunch." He told me he had bought a couple of them and that I should get some. I did. I purchased the 1,2,3 and 4. To this day I have never closed the 3 or 4. After I moved away from Tennessee I kept in contact with Joe calling him about 4 times a year. I loved talking with him because he was a guy who could make you laugh. He also had a distaste for "government" in his mouth like I do myself. So we had a few things in common besides working out. When Joe called me in 1998 to tell me he had closed the #4 gripper, the first thing I said to him was, Joe, that would be IMPOSSIBLE without a machine that was HARDER than the gripper. He agreed and then told me he had invented a machine that allowed him to work his grip so hard that the #4 was just like the #1 when he first closed it. At that time, Joe was trying to get Iron Mind to market a VCR he had done and frankly was running into problems. Plus one company he had dealt with he had to sue because they had promised him in writing a royalty for being in an advertisement that they had made up with him and then didn't pay him. Anyhow, as the years passed and I kept in touch, recently I told him I was no longer doing a "normal" workout. I was utilizing the information that Pete Sisco was providing via his "Static Contraction" workout. It had never occurred to me, until one day in the past month a friend of mine named John happen to be at a grocery store I go to. He said, "Hey, check out these grippers I bought". I said what are they "Captains of Crunch"? He said, yes, you've heard of them? I said, I have four and that I knew personally the guy who had closed it in 1998. He was floored. YOU KNOW Joe Kinney? I said, yes, small world huh?

    I had set up a page for Joe, (The phone number is no longer working) back in 1998 to help him sell some videos. Here is a link: http://www.bornagainclass...oeKinney/Get-a-Grip.html . I made up the page for him (I'm Mark Reynolds at the bottom of the page).
    Anyhow, John wanted to see the VCR tape I had of Joe. It was called Get a Grip and was a amateur video done in his back yard with lousy lighting inside of his work shed. But it did work and you could get the point from his talk. Well as I was observing the video again, and making a few DVD copies of it, that turned out pretty lousy, I noticed something when he got to the "secret weapon". Since I have been doing STATIC CONTRACTION with Pete Sisco, I have noticed the looks on the young guys faces at the gym when I start hammer curling 85 pounds 10 reps. Doing the tricep machine with the whole stack plus 160 pounds of weights added. The stack is supposedly 250 pounds. I have to strap in obviously, to do it, but I can push down over 400 pounds. WHY? Because STATIC CONTRACTION WORKS. That's why. My 7 second x 3 reps of HIGH weight in the contracted position have increased my muscle strength so much that I can do some amazing things for a 55 year old guy. 650 pound should shrugs. 50 reps of 50 pounds with each arm hammer curls. Frankly THAT is what makes you "a freak of nature" or whatever you want to call it. Currently I am 6'4" tall and weigh about 270. A good 100 pounds more than Joe did when he closed the #4. Well, here is what I noticed about his "secret weapon"...IT IS A STATIC CONTRACTION MACHINE. PERIOD. THAT is how Joe managed to close the gripper. Not the pinch machine, not the wrist roller, not the machine he stands on with the two handles to do the negatives. It is the SECRET WEAPON. I am CONVINCED and am soon (TODAY) planning on making one and PROVING it. I bet that I will close the #3 gripper within 10 weeks. That's right. Doing 3 reps, 7 seconds, ONCE a week. That means that after 10 workouts I will close the #3. Then I will work on the #4. BECAUSE I am convinced that STATIC CONTRACTION WORKS and that machine is WHY Joe closed the #4 gripper. HE would have never done it with the other machines because they do not work the same way. The "secret weapon" allows you to HOLD maximum weight for at least 7 seconds as it pulls your hand apart and YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CLOSE THE MACHINE. As the one he stands on does. You lift the weights up with your off hand and then grab the bars with the working hand and HOLD IT. Do 3 reps, 7 seconds each and WATCH as your grip turns into steel. My biceps are so dense that you cannot push in at all when then are flexed.

    This link shows me with Joe back in 2007 at his house with my second youngest son Benjamin. Yes, I am not proud to say that I am the guy with the gut. That is no longer on me. I have been cycling and have burned it down from 300 pounds to 270. I am still aiming for 250 because I have a very large bone structure.

    This a current shot of me:

    As for SQUATS? I'll take a bicycle to build my legs any day over squats. Sure, I won't be able to SQUAT as much, but I will have good definition in my calves and thighs and be able to ride a bike 100 miles without a problem. SQUATS screw up your knees and back. EVENTUALLY. Leg presses are a lot safer."


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    Couple of concerns:

    1) None of the links work.
    2) Is this your story, or are you reposting something that "Mark Reynolds" wrote, or are you Mark Reynolds?
    3) This sounds made up.


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      Here is Mark Reynold with Kinney on facebook.


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        Where was his story originally posted?


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          comment #10


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            I saw this last year where it was originally posted and have talked briefly with Mark via facebook messaging as well about it. Definately not Sam Scott. He also mentions Static Contraction training (SCT) which I have a couple books on and have used principles of in my training. Its good stuff if used correctly.

            - Aaron


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              I just tried to call Joe, but couldn't get through.

              This seems to be a blend of fact and fiction, but it's real purpose might be as a sales pitch for Joe's plated loaded grip machine - which has been built and pitched by various people over the years.

              Incidentally, IronMind wanted to sell the original video, but Joe wanted to do it himself - we ran ads for him for years in MILO.

              Is Captain Crunch cereal still around?


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                [QUOTE=Randall Strossen;6582
                Is Captain Crunch cereal still around?[/QUOTE]

                Yes, it is. I like the Peanut Butter Crunch the best.


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                  Originally posted by Randall Strossen View Post
                  I just tried to call Joe, but couldn't get through.

                  Is Captain Crunch cereal still around?


                  He sold the company and is now just a paid consultant!
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