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"Eddie - Strongman", a Documentary I Recommend!

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  • "Eddie - Strongman", a Documentary I Recommend!

    Three days ago, Eddie Hall won the 2017 World's Strongest Man contest. Within about an hour after he won, I saw that a 2015 Documentary about his quest for WSM was streaming on Netflix. I watched it.
    Readers of this forum know I am a Grip Guy, not a Strongman. I follow the sport a little, and have seen a few top contests, even once attending a WSM contest. But I would have been rooting for Thor or Shaw, not Eddie. With the limited amount that I had observed in the media concerning Eddie, with his funky haircuts, outrageous tattoos and over-the-top personality...he was not a guy I would normally root for.
    Then I watched the movie. Most people would be hard-pressed to watch that movie and not be pulling for him.
    A few hours after I watched the movie, I saw that he had announced his retirement. Because of some things he said on camera, his retirement made sense, and it gave me more respect for the fellow. You don't often see someone actually do what they say they are planning on doing. He did.

    On the Netflix rating, I punched in 5 Stars for it.

    Here is a link to a piece about the movie:

    No, the movie is not a Classic. But for the sport of "strongman', it's as good as you could hope for.

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    I agree Mike, I was not a big Hall fan either, however , like you I saw the video and when he walked away from WSM after his victory, my respect for him went way up. In his Documentary I had both respect and sadness for him. Last week I read he had dropped about 30 lbs already, and it looks like everything he talked about doing after winning WSM, he is.