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Actor Bodybuilder Weightlifter David Prowse Has Died

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  • Actor Bodybuilder Weightlifter David Prowse Has Died

    David Prowse, the original "Darth Vader" of Star Wars fame, passed away Thanksgiving weekend. Here is a link from the BBC:

    This was covered by dozens of newspapers and internet articles around the world. I chose the BBC as a link, as Mr. Prowse spent his entire life in England.

    Buried several places in this forum are some discussions of a few of us having met him at two different "AOBS Banquets": the 2008 dinner, and the 2010 dinner. About a dozen of us had dinner with him in 2008 at the hotel restaurant the night before the banquet. There were two extensive discussions that evening. One was his having owned the original Inch Dumbbell for roughly 30 years, and the other was a hysterically funny, side-splitting story of his visit with Bruce Wilhelm during the 1960s at Bruce's home just South of San Francisco to help "train" him. My son had the pleasure of being the only one who heard both Wilhelm's and Prowse's version of the same story.

    We intentionally avoided "Star Wars" as a subject, as we figured that was all people talked about with him. Almost 10 years later, I watched a documentary on Prowse, and discovered that he loved to talk about Star Wars. I have no regrets steering the initial conversation regarding the Inch Dumbbell, as it was great to hear things from the horse's mouth so to speak.

    For his time, David Prowse was a very strong man, an impressive bodybuilder, and in one of the few movies before "Pumping Iron" that featured such a man in an acting role (Clockwork Orange, 1971). Between the way he moved, special effects, and the voice of James Earl Jones, the most menacing and famous movie villain of all times was created in the form of Darth Vader.

    Rest in Peace, David Prowse.