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Coming to Newark Archdiocese: A Different Kind of Cardinal

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  • Coming to Newark Archdiocese: A Different Kind of Cardinal

    Joseph W. Tobin drives himself around, lifts weights in the morning and is just the kind of leader Pope Francis wants as he works to reshape the Roman Catholic Church in the United States.

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    Just read up on him-very interesting person and very strong!


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      The priest is a beast!


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        I've said this before but it is worth saying again. I don't understand why people are so surprised that a Christian minister is strong and interested in exercise. Perhaps it is because Christians have been stereotyped as weaklings, middle class professionals, mostly old people etc. The reality is that the Christian faith is inclusive rather than exclusive, and is extremely diverse in its membership. Sadly we have spent the last couple of decades being lectured on issues of 'equality and diversity' when in many ways the Church has played a major role historically in practically every social justice movement conceivable. Our founder, Jesus Christ, may have been crucified and led like a lamb to the slaughter but the pain he endured would leave any other grown man (however strong) begging for mercy. Physical strength is pretty worthless in many situations, and ultimately it is a strong spirit which overcomes adversity. People who join the Church are welcome to bring any of their unique interests and talents and these will be further enriched as a result.