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    I am not a super strong dude!!! But I am trying. I have a blog on my struggle to get stronger.

    This forum is going to be awesome. I can't wait to get advice from some really strong people.
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    Lex - I am hoping that Francis Brebner might have a minute to take a look at your training and give you some suggestions . . .


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      That would be AWESOME!!! I have watched his 2 part caber clinic on Youtube.
      Check out my blog and leave your comments:


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        Not to pander to Randall too much but Super Squats is a perfect place to start after the Highland Games season. Don't get too down on your Highland Games numbers they seem pretty respectable to me.


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          Throwing the weights

          Hi Lex

          You seem to have a good growing foundation from what lifts you are doing already for throwing.

          The technique of throwing takes time to acquire i found when first starting out but when it all comes together combined with strength the distances will come.

          I read your blog Lex and wanted to ask you when you are throwing the weight for distance dose it feel like you jerk it at the finish with not much of a pull ? if so you might be letting the weight get ahead of you.
          If so try this, at the start of the throw when you are pulling the weight from behind you also start pivoting your left foot as you begin on your first turn also turning your head to the left at the same time also.
          You will find that you and as you land on your first turn in that seated power position the weight will be behind you and will leave you with a huge pull. Now as you sprint into your second turn this time you will land and plant on your right foot first and as you pivot turn your head also at the same time and again you will find your self in that power seated position with the weight behind you again gaining you plenty range and pull to finish the throw.

          Let me know if this helps you with the weights Lex.


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            I will work on it Mr. Brebner.

            And thank you. You truly are an ambassador to the sport. Taking time out of your day to help a B class thrower is really nice of you.

            I have watched you caber series on youtube. I still have yet to turn a caber, but it will come.

            I have only competed in the highland games twice. But I got the bug and will be competing more often.

            I already added six feet to my workout throws by slowing down my first turn. I will work keeping the weight behind me.
            Check out my blog and leave your comments:


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              Glad to be of help

              Your marks are very good for just beginning out in the sport Lex.
              Anything i can help you with just let me know i am glad to be of help to all athletes of our sport and its games.

              When is your next games.


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                i was looking at your numbers. pretty good. im not the strongest myself, but at 42 the weights keep me going. so does the highland games down here in the south. i do agree with bill crawford. super squats is excellent. i do that routine at least twice a year.
                wish you the best lex
                visualize it, plan it, lift it!!!