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  • June 2015 MILO

    I've been really enjoying the June 2015 issue of MILO. I was really surprised that Bill Kazmaier, when asked what his favorite strength sport is, said, "The most incredible thing you can watch is an Olympic lifter who takes a weight from the ground and puts it overhead in a full squat position... " But, this is a great example of the respect among the various types of lifters that Mr. Strossen talks about in his editorial.

    Another article I enjoyed reading was "Ed Coan: An Unscheduled Interview, with Wisdom for the Rest of Us" by Forrest Gump (occasionally known as William L. Crawford, M.D.). Coan has been one of my favorite powerlifters for years and it was nice to find out what he's been up to lately.

    MILO is by far the best strength publication on the market and the fact that this was a complimentary issue makes me like it even more. Thank you Mr. Strossen and everyone at IronMind. I greatly appreciate it.

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    Craig, I'm with you on MILO and the fantastic job that Randall does presenting a wide array of strength topics. Each issue presents material that is interesting and provides unique insight that is always helpful. The fact that it is without cost is even better. Thanks you, Randy.


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      Hello Craig,
      Thank you for noting the Ed Coan article. Spending a day with him was great and he is a very knowledgeable and articulate man. In my opinion the greatest powerlifter ever as numbers speak for themselves.
      But back to the topic, Milo is special and a real part of many people's lives. I know my life is greatly enriched by Dr. Strossen's work.


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        Yeah, As far as I know, I don't think there's anything out there that can touch MILO. I particularly like that it covers many different kinds of strength sports and covers lifting history, too. I've always liked the articles by Gherardo Bonini and Josef Svub but I think they may be underappreciated because I never see them mentioned.

        Your articles are part of the reason MILO is so interesting. I always enjoy your stuff. I know you're big on stone lifting and stones aren't really my thing but, I must confess, the greatest pleasure I ever received from lifting involved picking up a stone no one else was able to move.


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          Craig, my only disappointment is that Dr. Ken is no longer a contributor. His entertaining stories and strength knowledge are beyond compare. However, strength coverage in MILO brings forth a variety of information from a diverse group of knowledgeable professionals, so there is no lack of available information.

          I also agree MILO has few peers. Aside from the work of Brooks Kubik and a few others, and the reprints of old lifting literature, I have little use for what people consider 'training information' nowadays.