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  • Real Nail Bending

    I am new to this forum but have followed Ironmind and Milo for years. I used to be a power lifter and now I am playing rugby. Anyway, I have recently developed an obsession with grip strength and the like. I am going to order some of the "nails" from ironmind but in the meantime, are there any real nails I can get from Lowes or Home Depot that would be good to work with? What should I look for?

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    Jim -

    40D nails 5in (maybe 5.5) length are easy starters. These are generally ribbed and thus actually snap.

    60D timber ties are like 60D trainers, as they are twisted and thus easier than the real deal.

    A straight 60D nail is a beast for most people.

    All of these are very common at stores.


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      Thanks. I will check it out


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        Have fun with this and I'd encourage you to also bend, at least some of the time, in a traditional style—keeping it wrist/lower arm focussed.


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          In addition to what Paul has recommended, I would recommend you also get some bolts (1/4" thick and 5 to 6 inches long). The easiest bolts for you to bend will be grade 2 bolts. They either won't have any markings on the head of the bolt or there will only be letters on the head of the bolt (no dash marks).