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Grip strength in your average gym goer

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  • Grip strength in your average gym goer

    Just for a laugh I took in my set of grippers and IMTUGs into my MMA/Brazilian jiu-jitsu class. Bearing in mind that all these guys train MMA twice a week at least and lift weights 2-3 times a week only one of them could completely close a Trainer and no-one could close a level 1 Captain of Crush.I was stunned.However it did teach me something important - when I'm grappling - and all these guys are better than me - if I grab hold of their gi or a wrist I can stall forever because none of them can break my grip.
    Interestingly, quite a few of them complain of tendonitis and elbow problems which have been relieved now that I've introduced them Expand-Your-Hand bands.

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    Fat handle bells or thick bars are terrific for grapplers. Wrist control and limb control in general is key and thick bar work develops that open hand strength well.


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      Additonally, I'm glad to hear that your BJJ gym supports strength training for their athletes. Many in the martial arts community are very backwards on this issue (much like football prior the 60's and 70's), even at surprisingly high levels.