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Trying a new gripper training routine

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  • Trying a new gripper training routine

    I recently started getting back into gripper training after a long hiatus where I had injuries, lost interest, had job changes, and moved to a new state. I never got below the level of a #2 aside from when I was injured.

    Now that I'm all settled in the new house from my move 3 months ago I've begun training again. I reflected on my time when I begun training and made tremendous strength gains. At the time I was training daily. My thoughts were to try to recreate that in a way that would prevent injury and still allow for gains in strength and now being two weeks into a method I am happy to report consistent gains.

    This is the idea:

    I am trying to build a base level of strength through high frequency, moderate intensity, low volume. This brings total weekly gripper closes much higher than 1 heavy training session where it would take a week to fully recover.

    Basically I am warming up with 1 rep with a 1.5, 1 rep with a #2, then 1 working set rep with a #2.5 where the 2.5 leaves a lot on the table it still feels like 80-90% 1RM. I did this daily until I felt weak enough that it would be a struggle to close that 2.5 and instead of max effort I would abort the rep and take a day or two off until I was recovered.

    At 2 weeks past I am already to the point of running into 2 single closes with the 2.5 each session in order to maintain that 80-90% effort a day.

    I think that by leaving some on the table each day I can recover much, much faster. The intensity is low enough to hopefully keep me out of injury as well. Using this method I am able to train grippers 5-6 days a week and make progress. Granted I am avoiding all other forms of grip training at the moment aside from some thumb pad training with the TTK.

    I will try to keep this updated if any major changes occur. I am curious if anyone else has tried anything similar to this?

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    i recently started something new as well. I do reset reps; I do a wide set, close the gripper, and repeat until I can’t close it. Resetting after every rep. Even tho I can close my no.3 - not from a wide set...I’ve been using a 1.5 filed ...going for 25 reps; if that’s reached, then I’ll go to the no.2 next workout- which I did and didn’t get the 25 yet. When I do I’ll go 2.5 filed.

    I think it’s healthy for the hands, and no worries about injuries. Two sets twice a week is all I’m doing. Think it’ll be a good change.


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      I'd be interested in seeing how your progress goes Robert. Sounds like it would take a great amount of endurance to complete 25 reps into failure.