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    I didn't see an introduction section, so I'm posting my introduction here! My name is Tom. I was a decathlete in college, but I believe that ship sailed about 10 years ago...Haha I'm going to be competing in track and field again this year...focusing on the throwing implements. I'm looking at possibly doing a throws pentathlon consisting of the shot put, discus, hammer, javelin, and 35# weight throw. I really need to work on my I'd definitely appreciate any advice anyone has! I'm stoked to be part of this forum to chat with fellow throwers of all types! Cheers!

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    Welcome. You have come to the right place my friend. This forum is crawling with throws experts(I am NOT one of them) for highland games and track and field. I am sure in all your experience that you will have much to add to our little community as well. Fire away! Ask questions...

    I myself am someone who threw in college. I am competing in highland games now. This throwing pentathalon sounds fun! I loved jav, just never very good at it. Where does one look to find these sorts of competitions?
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      Weight Pentathlon

      Thanks very much! I was never all that good at JAV...I was pretty decent in the shot and disc...for a little guy! Most of the throws or weight pentathlons I've seen have been masters events (over 30), but the best place to check would be the calendars on or Many regional track clubs will usually have links to those comps as well!

      I'm really looking forward to this I'll definitely share my experiences as I go along!

      Highland games is also something I'd like to try...what would you recommend focusing on for getting started in that?


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        A great choice.

        Hi Tom,

        Welcome to the forum.

        You have made a great choice - throwing is a great sport, something I did many years ago and really enjoyed. You may want to have a look at Highland Games as well - it has a fantastic atmosphere and is a great variation to conventional track and field.

        On a related note - the new German shot-putter was a former decathlete - I am amazed how far he can throw at such a light bodyweight - and a shift/glide putter - rare these days!

        Have fun, and good luck.



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          Originally posted by Tom Fieber View Post
          Highland games is also something I'd like to try...what would you recommend focusing on for getting started in that?
          Just dive in brother! Truly...if you ask anyone they will have a similar story..."I went to a scottish festival and saw it and signed up because it looked like fun..." or "my friends thought it would be fun so we all signed up..." or my personal story "a team I was coaching track against had coaches that were doing it and they invited me to come to a competition..."

          Check out NASGA website for events in your area. Great fun...usually great beer an all-around fun time. And the people are genuinely trying to promote the culture and sport and they will be more than happy to help you along the way.

          You know shot...probably some hammer...when getting started those were two I could hang my hat on knowing I would place well in my division(usually somethin like C or novice, B, A, PRO, Masters, and Under 200). Other events are the weight for distance which it sounds like you will also be profficeint at...and then the CABER and WEIGHT OVER BAR...oh how I HATE those two. So very hard to practice...unless you happen upon a downed tree or shell out the cash to buy a caber.
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            Go to the NASGA forum and post up your location and your looking for a HG training group you may find one in your area.
            I did that and got hooked up with a group in my area that trains every weekend and they have all the implements.
            If you already have a throwing back ground you'll get in the groove quite quickly.
            There are eight or nine events depending on which org you compete in.