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  • Very Nice

    Good job restructering the forum. I think it will make it easier to get my questions answered.

    If anyone wants to see the struggles of a B class Highland Gamer checkout my blog:

    and my YOUTUBE:

    That way if you are struggling too then you can feel assured that you are not alone.
    Check out my blog and leave your comments:

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    Maybe you could keep a blog here at Ironmind also, please!


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      I don't think IRONMIND would invite someone at a low level like me to put their workouts on the blog. But hey...stranger things have happened.

      But like I said...this is making it very easy to navigate the forum and find what I am looking for.
      Check out my blog and leave your comments:


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        Lex -

        Thanks much - glad you like the way we reorganized things: We had outgrown the original structure, and thought we could streamline things for our members.

        Also, I'm 100% with Jyrki - start a blog here in our Training Blog forum: the first time you snatch 200 it's huge whether it's 200 pounds or 200 kilos!