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Researching Donald Dinnie in Australia

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  • Researching Donald Dinnie in Australia

    I have found a useful resource for anyone interested in Donald Dinnie's time touring/living in Australia.

    The website is and it has digitised, and searchable, copies of many newspapers from 1800's.

    This link here allows you to search their entire archive for the word (say) "dinnie". Only take a minute to find every reference to the man the have online.

    A lot of the hits are just adverts but here is one (of many gems). A detailed description of Dinnie versus Professor Miller.
    This contest was mentioned in Webster's book on Dinnie. Dinnie lost on 'style' even though his reps far exceeded Miller's.

    This always always puzzled me but it all becomes clear in this newspaper article from "The Argus" 7/4/1884.

    Unfortunately the pdf's are too large to upload to the forum so I had to use screenshots which are not as readable as the pdf.

    Hopefully people will find this useful

    all the best

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    Hmmm, the images are tiny on my computer when I click on them

    Anyways, 'The Argus 7-apr-1884' is the paper to search for is you want a first hand account of the contest.