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When did throwers start using olympic lifts in training

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  • When did throwers start using olympic lifts in training

    Around what time period did throwers (highland games as well as shot putters, hammer, etc) start using cleans, snatch, etc in their training for throwing? Before this how did they train? Mostly by just throwing or what other things would they do before the Olympic lifts were incorporated?

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    I know that shot putters in the 1960's were very good olympic lifters too.
    Patera, Gubner, etc, etc were all at the top end of olympic lifting in the 60's - but then the the press was involved in those days.
    I can't recall reading anything about Parry O'Brian doing olympic lifting.



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      Thanks for the reply. After reading a bit of material on early throwers I think that their main training may have actually been throwing and not so much weight training, but also since Donald Dinnie actually incorporated some amount of weight lifting, it may be possible that some of them lifted in some manner. Perhaps the throwers in the days of and before Dinnie may have just threw the implements and hard manual labour for strength. It's hard to find much on it though.


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        Dallas Long and Randy Matson come to mind as world class throwers who were extremely strong on basic strength training, but olympic weightlifting I'm not sure on. Jon Cole and Bruce Wilhelm obviously there. It would be cool to have Jim McGoldrick give a lecture on this subject !


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          Al Feuerbach. Milo, cover story, June 2009 volume 17 number 1 pages 7 to 13.