There is a new book out on the Heavy Events. You can find a dedicated FB page named "AustralianHeavyEvents" for details.

It covers the history of the heavy events in Australia from the arrival of the first displaced Scots to modern times. Then it details the origins of the events themselves (shot put, weight throws, caber etc). It is all referenced back to 18th/19th century contemporary books and newspaper reports. Australia has recently digitized a lot of previously unavailable archive material - so I had access to a lot of new content.

Large section on Donald Dinnie and James Fleming as well as modern greats like Matt Sandford.

I have purposely avoided most of the content already in print via David Webster's books. For example, I cover Dinnie's 3 assault charges and the near fist-fight in Adelaide where he tried to measure his own distances in a contest with Paddy Roachock. DInnie was booed from the field with accusations of cheating..

It challenges a number of commonly repeated things you see on the web regarding the origins of the Heavy Events. As I said, it uses the Harvard notation for references all the facts within the book, back to the sources.

I hope some people here may find it interesting.