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  • Micronutrients

    I was recently reading some dietary tips from a professional bodybuilder who is a self confessed steroid user. Even though I disagree strongly with steroid use I will still consider the opinions of competitors who have used them in order to broaden my knowledge and understanding.

    It was interesting that this guy seemed to impart very little advice concerning micronutrients. He just suggested taking a multivitamin and vitamin c.

    He then went on to say that nobody should use steroids early on in their gym career because they will improve anyway during the early stages, but asserted that there is a point where you can "no longer recover" from your training and you will require steroids at this stage.
    Although successful it seemed very ignorant to be suggesting that steroids are the answer without advising a trainer to delve more deeply into micronutrients. After all, these substances (that many athletes have never heard of), are ultimately the keys to continued growth and recovery.
    The body requires many of these micronutrients to break down protein effectively, to produce anabolic hormones, to maintain energy levels, and to heal the joints and connective tissues.
    Examples of such substances are: Zinc, Magnesium, Glucosamine, Vitamin B Complex, Iron, Calcium, Lecithin, Iodine, CLA, L Carnitine and so on.
    These substances are not cheap: you could easily spend over £100 per month on purchasing everything you need in this department. This money is far better spent, however, than in purchasing artificial anabolic hormones which will only increase the body's nutritional demands and lead to further deficiencies.