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Atlas Stones and heavy tyres

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  • Atlas Stones and heavy tyres

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knew where in the Essex area I could get hold of some atlas stones and a couple of heavy tyres? Also any suggestions on what weight stones to get to start with? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Find a local farm and just ask, or a haulage co. They're not "monster" tyres but plenty to play with.

    I'm not in Essex,but I stumbled across a company that fit tyres on earth moving equipment - they look interesting.


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      get in touch with any commercial trye fitting companies they will point you in the right direction for tyres as they cost a fortune to remove they are generally left on sight

      tractor tires tend to be big, but light

      e bay often sells them in strongman section

      lincolnshire for atlas stones start with something around 80 or 90 kg is a fair weight but anything upwards of that