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    Originally posted by Paul D Mouser View Post
    To be elite in all 3 disciplines is almost unheard of (other examples anyone?).
    A couple examples of this would be Mark Henry and Jon Cole. Cole was a very good WL and PL but only competed in the first WSM and I think may have been injured and a little past his prime by then.

    As for Terry Hollands, I agree that even though he has an excellent record, he probably falls just short of making the list.


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      Jon Cole was indeed a beast of a man and overall very athletic as well. Imagine the damage he could have done in strongman if he were born a decade later!

      Mark Henry is a guy I would have loved to see do more in strongman sport. Concerning his career with the WWE, his gain was our (strength nuts) loss. Good for him for making himself a world famous pro-wrestler, but it pains me just a little that he never went after the WSM title.


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        I think i've said this a few times but for its hard for me not to choose Riku Kiri. He won so many strongman events outside WSM from the 80s throughout the 90s. The eyes of many of the competitors throughout the WSM assumed that he'd be favored to win. I remember watching I believe the 94' WSM event and all the competitors (including MVM and Badenhorst) anointed him the favorite to win. I would have liked for Kiri to have gotten a chance a few years earlier (especially 90', 91', 92') I mean, Riku took out O.D at the World Strongman Challenge in 91', And bested JPS & Kaz in the World Strongman Challenge in 88' (JPS was the 88 WSM champ that year) and even beat JPS in strongman events years before 88' when JPS was still the man. Kiri could have arguably done well in WSM events every year from 85-99 considering what he did during those years in other strongman contests during that time.

        Im guessing he made more money on the regional strongman circuit - or perhaps the WSM committee preferred the more lovable (and still strong) Fin in Nummisto then the Stone cold Brute in Kiri. I do remember watching Nummisto able to beat Kiri in contests in the mid 80's but I think by the late 80's early 90's he had surpassed Ilkka.

        I think Kiri's longevity gets the nod over a guy like Poundstone. I didnt really like Kiri a lot and preferred Badenhorst (way more likeable/charismatic) but even Gerrit had some bad events. It seems like the only thing bad about Riku was his ankle during WSM contests.


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          Ab Wolders. He was a versatile strength athlete.


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            I guess this one would have to be with an asterisk* as I do not believe he had reached his top strength, however.... Had he not had an untimely death, I'm certain that Jesse Marunde would in fact have won one or possibly multiple WSM titles. Therefore, he was certainly one of the strongest to not have won.