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2012 Olympic Weightlifting

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  • 2012 Olympic Weightlifting

    This has been a great year for weightlifting in the Olympic! Despite the fact that NBC's coverage has been beyond abysmal! However, looking at the numbers and records, some online live stuff, and a few times on TV, it's been great! Lu's squat snatch for the WR was beyond impressive!

    If anybody comes across youtubes, Vimeo, or other online vids, please post them!

    In this day and time there's no reason they shouldn't all be available, but the IOC is apparently afraid it will lose an advertising buck.

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    I haven't done it but I understand that the sports are live streamed and available on an NBC web site. need to get a password from your cable provider for access.

    During the day they have very complete coverage of some more popular sports and that looks pretty good.

    Their prime time show is awful. I'm out of my mind, but have timed it. They broadcast 4 minutes of event followed by 3 minutes of commercials. That's 57% commercial. Then they do a 5 and 3 to so they get a 15 minute quarter hour. I forget what I was watching and get frustrated and turn it off.

    NBC figures to rake in over a billion in ad revenues. If their costs are around a half billion, they're doing fine and any complaining won't be tolerated. With all that dough, the athletes (the raw material) get bupkis!


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      I heard on the radio this morning that NBC's ratings are through the roof and if they continue on the same path that they might break even.
      I hear you on the coverage, it's next to impossible for me and my wife to watch it.


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        My wife has been trying to record the weightlifting for me on the DVR but, so far, out of all the times the info said WL was scheduled to be on, it's only been right once. So all I've seen so far is the women's 63kg C&J. It was impressive, though. I REALLY hope someone puts the lifting on youtube 'cause this is getting very frustrating. I've got nothin' against table tennis but I don't want to watch it when I'm expecting to see weightlifting.


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          I've been watching the weightlifting on it's great since you can watch it when you want since they show it live and replay. That and I do enjoy the fact there is no commentating!!!


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            Thanks for the tip. I just watched Lu Xiaojun's C&J. That dude is impressive. I'm looking forward to watching Ilya Ilan in the 94s because once again the TV info was wrong.


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              Excellent day with the womens supers , a 2 horse race with kasharina and zhou

              records broke left and right


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                I've been watching the full replays online, although it seems like it pauses and you lose a few seconds of footage just when it matters most--in the middle of the lifts. But I'd like to watch the men's shot put final and the shot put portion of the heptathlon. They took place Friday, but if you click on it you get the message that the full replay is not yet available. Does anyone know what's going on with it? I'm afraid with each passing day it will recede further and further into the past and no one at NBC will pay any attention to it anymore.


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                  Klokov and Akkaev out

                  Just read Klokov and Akkaev withdrew...

                  My whole Olympics is ruined.


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                    I have been watching the Olympics by following a few of the links that are listed on the site. I have caught some of the Weightlifting. It is kind of hit and miss when you click on the links for Eurosport and the BBC.

                    Tomorrow is the 105's +, I will be at work but most likely I will have it on in the background, Enjoy!


                    This link has the 105's starting in a few.