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Squatting to parallel using the Super Squats Hip Belt without falling backwards.

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  • Randall Strossen
    Geremy -

    Here are some tips:

    1) use the shortest bar you have
    2) don't be afraid to elevate your heels—most people will have to, at least at first
    3) some people put a little more weight on the front end of the bar
    4) make haste slowly—start with very light weights to get everything from your setup to your groove wired before piling on the plates

    Hope this might be of some help!

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  • Squatting to parallel using the Super Squats Hip Belt without falling backwards.

    I've started using one of these and I have a problem when using the barbell method. If I squat with an upright posture I will fall backwards so I have no choice but to lean forward. But when I do this the front of the barbell dips down and hits the ground well before I reach parallel in the squat. Also my knees are traveling much farther forward then they normally do when I squat and there's nothing I can do to stop it if I don't want to fall backwards. I adjusted the daisy chains slightly by making the one in the front shorter then the one in the back in order to pull the barbell up so I could squat deeper. This helped a bit but it still is not working like it should. In spite of their differing lengths I made sure they are centered, so this is not the problem. The movement is extremely awkward for me, nothing like it looks in the youtube instructional video. I don't like the loading pin method because I don't like squatting that wide. It's barbell or bust. Has anybody had this same problem? Any help you can offer?