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Getting back in at 54

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  • Getting back in at 54

    Hi all - I used to be pretty avid about my barbell/dumbell/kettlebell training. Over the past 5-10 years, I've lapsed. I did however become a registered Yoga teacher in a year-long training program. I currently teach Yoga but my teaching is with people that have various conditions and only perform gentle Yoga. Also, I do not find more vigorous Yoga, such as Sun Salutations to be all that good for developing strength, at least not for me. At this point, my strength training equipment consists of a barbell and some plates (can buy more), a rolling thunder deadlift handle, a 12kg kettlebell, a set of stretch tubing, and a set of Ironmind sandbags. I'm looking for some strength training ideas for a 54 year old including set/reps schemes and how to ease back into training.

    Thank you,