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  • Adriane Blewitt Documentary

    This link will take you to a short video of Adriane Blewitt throwing the Scottish hammer. The excerpt is from a new documentary on Adriane that focuses on her passion for throwing -- both of Scottish implements and the shot & discus. The documentary, to be released at the end of the summer, focuses on her quest to be the World Champion in the Womens' Scottish Highland Games.

    Produced by Thunderhill Films (Kviahellan: The Pen Slab, The Silent Realm).

    Philip Arnold

    On-line streaming & download of the full-length documentary is available at: Official Selection - The Arnold Sports Film Festival,…

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    Adrianne is a great thrower but more importantly a sweet and gracious lady and a friend. She is also quite a good coach - she even managed to get my old bones into some semblance of a stone putt.


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      Philip -

      Thanks much for putting this up - I enjoyed watching this clip.

      Hope that Adriane's training is going well and that she'll be coming to Pleasanton this year - it's always really nice to see her out here.


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        I have had a lot of fun working with Phil on this project and I hope it is just as entertaining for the audience as well. We have a few more ideas to follow through before the end of the summer but I am really excited for the finished film!

        Dr. Strossen, my training is going well, USATF Championships this week and then a summer of highland games! I have some lofty goals and I intend on achieving them! A couple of world records and closing that pesky #2!

        Adriane Wilson


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          Into The Distance to premiere at The Arnold Sports Film Festival - March 3rd, 2012.

          Into The Distance, Adriane Blewitt's documentary about her journey as a thrower - of both the shot put and Highland Games implements - will premiere at The Arnold Sports Film Festival on March 3rd, 2012. The documentary has been condensed to 15 minutes as required by film festival guidelines, and will screen as part of a two-hour program from 12 - 2, 2 - 4, and again from 7 - 9. It should be a great evening of sports-themed films.